Fall Protection Systems are Cable Based Systems which may be used in many different circumstances and for installation on many different types of roofs.

Cable based systems are available as two different types; these are Fall Arrest and
Fall Restraint.

Often these systems are considered the same solution, they are not. Each system performs a different function as a fall protection solution, requiring differing levels of user competency and implementation management.

Fall arrest is often specified instead of Fall Restraint systems as a cheaper option. There is an initial outlay difference between them, however it is important to investigate the further investment required to ensure continuing safe practice and use.

As part of the CDM legal responsibility it is important for specifiers, building owners and managers and contractors to install the most appropriate system for the safety of people working on them.

With our involvement we will ensure that any decisions you make will be informed ones based on facts and practical, pragmatic advice. At Roof Safety Solutions, we are here to offer you design solutions and where required, ongoing staff training, maintenance and annual installation testing to ensure that you have the best and most cost effective Fall Protection System installed.

What is a fall arrest system?

This is a cable system that is designed to arrest a person’s fall. It does not stop people from falling off the edge of a building, it prevents them from serious or fatal injury by restricting how far they will travel. It is important when specifying this type of system that a full survey is completed prior to tendering. On installation there needs to be a comprehensive and documented rescue plan with all users being trained to a high standard of competence.

What is a Fall Restraint System?

This is a cable system designed to prevent or restrain a person from falling and comprises a passive barrier / cable system. This is located at a fixed distance from the edge of a building allowing the user access to the edge to carry out maintenance and other tasks while preventing any possibility of falling from the roof.