Offering clear and visible safe routes across a roof is imperative for efficient maintenance of ancillary installations on a building such as air-conditioning units, outlets, surveillance equipment, Telecommunications and TV equipment, and lighting to name a few.

By indicating no-walk areas, Walkways & Demarcation systems provide protection to the roof’s outer structure and additional pipe work and venting from foot traffic. Metal roofs in particular are prone to wear and tear very quickly, appropriate installation of walkways will prevent this ensuring the roofs structural integrity for many years.


By linking Walkways with Ladders / Steps, and by combining Walkways with Handrails and Fall Protection Systems, a holistic approach can be taken with the installation of your Roof Safety Systems. Providing a complete safety and security solution to underpin your CDM obligation.

Our Walkways may be manufactured in a number of different materials including Steel, Aluminium, uPVC and Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), as well as in different colours too, enabling the safety installation to compliment the buildings aesthetics where required.


Demarcation systems offers an economical solution for guiding operatives to a precise location on the roof area or fire escape route.

Demarcation systems are easily installed. Upright posts are positioned along the perimeter of the demarcation zone.

Posts are linked together with plastic chains, which are available in either single colours or multicolour’s including yellow and black or red and white depending on the needs of the project.

With our involvement we will ensure that any decisions you make will be informed ones based on facts and practical, pragmatic advice. At Roof Safety Solutions, we are here to offer you design solutions and where required, ongoing staff training, maintenance and annual installation testing to ensure that you have the best and most cost effective walkway installed.