Fixed Steps / Gantries or Cat Ladders or both should be installed to provide safe access or egress onto roofs, across roofs and between different roof levels. Furthermore, Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines recommend that multilevel hazards are individually risk assessed and the appropriate safe access action is employed.

At Roof Safety Solutions we have helped our customers overcome some of the most demanding access and egress situations, in some cases we have helped clients to implement successfully, freestanding steps and ladders, free of any additional fixings to help gain access over pipes and ducting.

Our solutions are manufactured from different materials to meet specific performance and design criteria including Steel, Aluminium, uPVC and Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), and in different finishes and colours to compliment any buildings aesthetic.

With our involvement we will ensure that any decisions you make will be informed ones based on facts and practical, pragmatic advice. At Roof Safety Solutions, we are here to offer you design solutions and where required, ongoing staff training, maintenance and annual installation testing to ensure that you have the best and most cost effective access and egress solution installed.

All of our steps and ladders are manufactured in line with current legislation for step clearance etc.